The MACHINE Team Registration Form

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THEMachine Team Registration Form

** This form is for the player’s who’ve tried out and made the team spotify music on pc. For interested players who may have missed tryouts or just want to check-us out,  please fill out our OPEN Registration Form **

    Player's First Name (required)

    Player's Middle Initial

    Player's Last Name (required)

    Player's Date of Birth "use YYYY-MM-DD if using Internet Explorer" (required)

    Player's Gender (required)

    Parent/Guardian 1 Name (required)

    Parent/Guardian 1 Phone Number (required)

    Parent/Guardian 1 Email (required)

    Parent/Guardian 2 Name

    Parent/Guardian 2 Phone Number

    Parent/Guardian 2 Email

    Player's Street Address (required)

    Player's City (required)

    Player's state (required)

    Player's Zip Code (required)

    Player's Grade (required)

    Sometimes Corporate Sponsors will cover or subsidize spirit wear in return for advertisement or promotion. By providing size information would allow us to quickly order items with minimal delay at a deep discount or no cost to parents.

    Player's Shirt Size (required) (Y-Youth A-Adult)

    Player's Shorts/Pants Size (required) (Y-Youth A-Adult)

    Player's Current Shoe Size (Y-Youth A-Adult)

    Payment Options

    Please select your preferred payment option. (This allows us to keep track and records of paymnets)

    • Checks

      Any check please make payable to:

      Infinity 8

    • Venmo

    • Please send all Venmo payments to:


    • Cash App

    • Please send all CashApp payments to:


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